Considered as a juggernaut of higher education, Europe has enormously gained popularity in offering apremium education to both EU and Non EU students. The hub of top-ranked universities and colleges, Europe has diverse range of study programs to offer as per their interest and curiosity. With the high
academic standards, Europe has more than 1000s of world-ranked universities dealing in varied specializations. One of the key benefits of studying in Europe is that it provides you an opportunity to travel all the schengen countries. Apart from this, Europe has commendable opportunities in regards to
innovation, jobs and settlement.

European Countries have their different academic parameters and requirements on which they admit international students. Some of the reputed European countries like Germany, Italy and Estonia also offer free education to international student basis their exceptional academic background. Other countries like France, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, and Sweden are some of high demanding European countries. When it comes to affordability, students can also look for hidden gems of Europe such as Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Malta, Portugal, Ukraine and many more which offers quality education. Last but not the least, acquiring Student Visa for Europe is not a daunting task as it involves smooth process.

Why Study in Europe?
To Study in Europe, students have to choose the country smartly keeping all the parameters in mind such as program choice, domain exposure, career opportunities, living standards and post study options. These all factors help students to make the right choice while looking for perfect study destination in Europe.

Unmatched Education Quality

Number of top-ranked universities are scattered around all over the Europe with an aim to provide unmatched quality education to the students from different parts of the world. European Education System is globally accepted and majorly applied in all countries of Europe. With cutting-edge research and splendid education system, Europe has become the preferred choice of international students to pursue specialized programs.

Unbelievably Affordable
A huge difference! You can compare the education cost of Europe to any other English country and you will be amazed to know that European Universities are very much affordable while offering the equivalent education quality.

Safe and Happening Environment
Every international student is looking for safe and vibrant living environment to pursue their higher education. Every European Country is known for its safe and amiable atmosphere as universities and colleges of Europe also have welcoming culture towards international students.

Exceptional Career Opportunities
Europe is one of the most developed continents in the world and thus has outstanding career opportunities in each sector. Students from across the world are aspiring to study Europe just because of guaranteed placements ad wonderful career choice.

Travel the Whole Continent
Study in Europe will provide you an opportunity to travel the world as you will get Schengen Visa and you can easily travel to other 27 countries of Europe such as Germany, Italy, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Greece and etc.

Popular Courses
As you have an option to study anywhere in Europe, you can choose the program as per your choice and
interest. Europe has massive catalog of study programs in each and every field.
Some of the popular domains to study in Europe;
• Business & Management
• Art, Design & Media
• Computer Science & IT
• Engineering & Technology
• Environment & Agriculture
• Humanities
• Law
• Medicine & Health

Tuition Cost & Living Expenses
As we have already discussed about the affordability of European universities but don’t misconstrue about the fee structure. The tuition fees in Europe begins from €2000 and goes as high to €35000. This cost might also increase according to the universities.
The approximate living expenses in Europe also depend upon the country you choose in Europe as it comes around €500 and goes till €1500. In addition, there may be some cost incurred while applying for Student Visa in Europe.

Average Income
All the factors related to cost cannot be determined as every European country has its own constraints thus international students in Europe can expect to earn €10- €12 on hourly basis.

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