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One, who is looking to study abroad for academic excellence and affordability, here ends yoursearch with Latvia. The study abroad destination with excellent education system, student friendly environment and affordability has captured the attention of many international students in past few years. Study in Latvia will be the most amazing experience for the international students who want to enjoy their student life along with globally accepted degrees. Latvia is a small yet beautiful country that gives place to world best technical as well as management universities. Students from different backgrounds and interests can easily apply in Latvia with flexible entry requirements.

Latvia and Lithuania are neighboring countries but still have little difference in the entry requirements and Latvia is more flexible. Latvian Universities have world class faculty members and has intricate architecture which is the second attraction for international students. International students can easily plan their higher education in Latvia and experience the European lifestyle at very less cost.

Top Universities

  • University of Latvia
  • Riga Technical University
  • Turiba University
  • Riga Stradins University
  • Latvia University of Life Sciences& Technologies

Popular Courses

  • Business & Management
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Health Sciences
  • Food &Agriculture

Tuition Cost & Living Expenses

The tuition fee of Latvian Universities and colleges are comparatively lower than other European countries as the bachelor degree in Latvia begins from 2100 EUR per year and a master degree from 2300 EUR per year. Even the PhD degrees in Latvia are also very affordable and provide considerably same quality of education to international students.

The living cost in Latvia is quite feasible and be easily covered with part time work which is 20hr per week and the approximate living cost comes up to 500-700 EUR.

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