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At Educate and Elevate, we predominantly focus on the quality of our services that not only help individuals to achieve their target but provide complete satisfaction. The services that we offer are rendered after gathering complete knowledge and understanding the pros and cons of every situation. Our experts will help and assist you to get each process done swiftly.

Profile Assessment

The first step towards your study abroad and immigration journey is profile assessment which scrutinizes your eligibility to apply or analyze the chances of success. This assessment is conducted by our professional counselors who have extensive knowledge about different countries and their rules & regulations to accept the profile.

Career Counseling

Counseling is necessary part of the entire process as it helps students to design their journey in their own way and collect relevant information. Through this, counselors get idea about the actual area of interest and provide options accordingly. The profile of a student is considered while career counseling to help out with the best solution. Considering each factor like academic background, English proficiency, interest and budget, the right option is provided.

Course Short listing

Once counseling is done, students want to choose the course which can get them job opportunities. But it is very crucial to understand that course relevancy to your previous academic background plays a major role in admission and visa process. But if you genuinely interested in switching you field, then our counselors will guide you to prepare effectual plus informative SOP that can help you to nail the entire process and finally attain success.

Country & University Selection

With the growing trend of studying in abroad, the confusion to choose the right destination has also become quite difficult. Most of the countries have now attractive benefits for international students and thus it puts students in dilemma to choose the right country and university. Our experts will provide you end to end information and guidance about countries and universities. Apart from this, they will introduce you with the comparison chart where you can find out the best country as per your area of attractions. When it comes to university selection then we have a broad range of partner universities that not only provides practical knowledge but also helps students to grab internship opportunities. Thence, just walk to us and will adjoin your all bridges towards success

Admission Guidance

Following all the above steps, admission guidance is another important step to study abroad but most of the consultants pass over this step. We, at Educate & Elevate give special guidance to student before initiating the process and depict a short brief about entire admission and visa process and also the challenges that could occur during the process.

SOP Assistance

SOP is the Statement of Purpose or motivation letter that intends your genuine intentions to study abroad. Universities consider this statement as the key element to assess your overall profile. We have professional SOP writers that understand your case and analyze your skills and accordingly write the most effectual set of your profile which can be used as SOP. Otherwise, our professionals could also provide guidance on this part if student can write it on their own.

Education Loans

As huge cost incurs while planning for study abroad, most of the students are opting education loans to pursue their higher education. We have our own tie-up with loan agents and thus we can assist you on the part of education loan. For this, student must have financial documents of sponsor which could justify their financial status.

Interview Preparation

After making an application in the desired college or university, there is another step which is Skype interview and we provide comprehensive training to successfully pass the interview. We have set questionnaire that helps students to easily crack the interviews and get offer or admission letter from the desired programs at reputed universities.

Accommodation and Travel

Most of the visa officer asks for accommodation while filing your visa thus accommodation and travel arrangements are done prior to the visa process. However, we are associated with travel agents that provide all facilities at very nominal costs to our students. Apart from this, we provide accommodation as per the requirement and budget of the student.


Visa Guidance & Support

Completing the entire admission process, next step towards the final success is visa. Our Visa experts have full-fledged knowledge about the key factors that can affect your profile. Hence, they make sure 100% accuracy in the Visa process both in terms of documentation and depiction.  Our team has years of experience in handling critical cases and therefore we provide full support to our students in every manner. We create awareness about the steps which students should take wisely at the tie of visa interview or filing.


Visa Filing 

Once everything is done, Visa filing is the last step away from getting Visa. Yes, our team helps you in the whole documentation process and guides you to prepare an effectual and visa-worth file. Our experts proof-read every student’s file before handing over to the student for final submission.


Pre-Departure Briefing

After winning the battle and successfully acquiring visa, Educate and Elevate organizes pre-departure briefing sessions to assist students about the hassles and challenges of visiting in new country. We guide students about the accommodation, travel and food in the new country and also provide contacts of our previous students in the same destination. This helps students to communicate and interact easily in new nation. Also, we introduce students with the basic laws and regulation of the country and prepare them to adjust in metamorphic environment. 

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