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Understanding the significance of IELTS in both study abroad and immigration, Educate & Elevate has its own IELTS coaching center for both segments that help students as well as individuals to boost their IELTS score and attain the desired one.

We have faculty members who have immense industry experience to train students and work on their English Proficiency to make the right choice while picking up the option for education and immigration. They provide know –how tips & tricks to students to crack the IELTS exam & gain the eligible score. We have different faculty for both General training and academics as it helps students to get the most effective results.

IELTS for General Training

IELTS-General Training is meant for immigration and general purposes. This type of IELTS score helps individuals to improve their eligibility score as it adds weightage in the overall profile. General IELTS have four modules i.e. Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing. Scores are given on 9- band scale in which one can score maximum of 9. However, there is no pass or fail in this test but a descent score is counted as 7.0 IELTS band.

IELTS for Academics

For all the study abroad purposes, IELTS- Academics is used. Most of the countries require IELTS score for admission and visa. Each university and country has different requirements to accept the student and. The basic requirement for admission in countries is 6 or 6.5 IELTS band. Like General training, IELTS Academic also has 4 modules but there is a slight difference in marking pattern.

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