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France holds one of the prestigious educational systems of the world which has resulted in increased the number of international students in France. Study in France will definitely be a life changing experience for you as the universities and colleges are globally recognized and havewell worth in different parts of the world. French universities have distinctive environment in order to provide education and focusing on the overall development of students. France is known for producing best of the scientists, business entrepreneurs, engineers and etc. France has always been the favorite choice of students while choosing study abroad destination because of its vibrant and student-friendly lifestyle.


Some of the other major reasons to choose France are its language and job opportunities. French is widely spoken in different parts of world and produces good number of job options for international students. Study in France is also associated with many other benefits such as well-paid internships and excellent 1 year post study work visa.

Top Universities

  • University of Paris
  • Pierre and Marie Curie University
  • Strasbourg Unoversity
  • College De Paris
  • EM Normandie
    Business School
  • Paris School of Business


Popular Courses

  • Business & Management
  • Environment & Technology
  • Art & Culture
  • IT & Computer Science
  • Healthcare & Management


Tuition Cost & Living Expenses

One of the preferred and fun-loving study abroad destinations, France has slighter high tuition fee and living cost as compared to other countries. Bachelors in France will be around 4000 EUR and 5000 EUR for a master degree.

The living expenses in France would be totally your call because of such great atmosphere and lifestyle. Students in France require minimum of 800 EUR per month to live a basic life.

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