Australia refers to both the continent of Australia and to the Commonwealth of Australia, the sovereign country. Australia, the world’s smallest continent, is in the southern hemisphere and borders both the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.


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Studying in Australia may be different to what most students find at home, Australian education providers focus a lot not only on class room work but a lot on practical work as well as work experience. This helps to make sure students have the most education and experience possible before entering their chosen work force. The Education for Overseas Students organization provides legislation to ensure international students are protected and that all courses being offered and undertaken are quality, accredited courses that are being offered to local students as well. All educational providers offer student support services, these services help students through their courses. Many institutes have international student counselors who help to ensure the student is settled and does not need any extra help. Student services work towards making courses and institutes better for the students, they do this by organizing orientation days, helping with academic advice, providing further study options and helping organize accommodation for international students.

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